C.S.G.T. (idislikehugs) wrote in macrobiotics,

Might as well fill some space..

I think this journal should be used more often. As a discussion board, as a macrobiotic's journal, as a place of release..whatever. I'd like to use it though.

Hm..alright, here we go. I've been a sweet lover all my life. Especially fruit. I adore fruit. My parents encouraged fruit because in those days, when I was very young, they viewed sugar, my alternative, as extremely dangerous. (Nevermind that they like their sugar pies now..-.-)

Fact is, fruit can actually do you more harm than sugar. In some cases, of course. And if you eat too much. Which is precisely what I did. All my life, I've eaten so much fruit. As a result, my heart is greatly expanded..my nose shows it.

So..just a few days ago, I started walking the hard path away from fruit. I cut it out of my diet completely. The results have been incredible and quick. For the first time in my life, I can look in the mirror and see that my eyes aren't sanpaku. (For the clueless, if any: sanpaku basically means 'three whites' in Japanese. Usually this condition is influenced by eating too yin. It is pretty easy to spot, seeing as how your eyes will be rolling up into your head if you're sanpaku. There's another condition for people who eat too yang..though their eyes will be rolling down into their head.)

Where was I..oh yes..ever since I've quit eating so much fruit, I've been stronger, physically and emotionally. That's one of the problems with fruit - it can make you very emotional, as I found out, ehehe..

Not that my life is perfectly sweet like a Georgia peach..since I ate so much fruit over the years, I'm discharging it now. Not nice at all..also, I'm struggling to keep in the balance of yin and yang. As a woman, I'm supposed to be a bit more on the yin side, but I do a lot of heavy physical labor, leaving trouble to ensue. Eh..I find that drinking a beer each night helps though.

There's my..short story on one aspect of my life. Now c'mon people! Post!

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