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macrobatics-like cirque de soleil on food

So after eating like a spurting wound in need of medical care for about the last month and a half, and walking around half-shaky, I've finally got my feet firmly planted on my butt, to eat both breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a regular basis (macrobiotic of course). I had a serious dream last night which I will summarize, as I gave birth to a cat's children which she could not bear herself because she was dying, and the children were mice, unfortunately I killed one of my daughter mice in a mess of disoriented fear, aka, I by accidently stepped on my little daughter mouse and then fell on her (horribly traumatic) and I woke up with that sensation that her little crushed body was stuck on mine. And I could go into a long serious discussion of why this means I from now going vegetarian all the way, but perhaps your imagination will come up with an adequate explanation.

None the less. So far I have managed breakfast. Which was creamed rice with a little umeboshi and gomashio + creamy onion miso soup and kukicha tea. The creamy rice, which was cooking while I went to the store, was eaten first. It felt leaden in my stomach, and I understand as I eat the onion soup now, that the two are meant to be eaten together, as a pair, not separately. The onion soup, I can only describe as very similar to French kissing your most favoritest person, whilst lying in the bottom of a canoe in June under a blue sky, which I highly recommend if you can swing it, to have either or both experiences at sometime, or multiple times in the span of a lifetime. I will post the actually recipes of the day later. But I am off to go pick up tickets for the Cedar, and buy the remainder of my grocery list.
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