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Hello everyone :)

Hi everyone, just started here! :)

I've been reading and practicing a bit of macrobiotics for awhile so I've got some of the basics down. I believe it's safe to say that your mind is probably the most quintessential element to starting any new diet and having some effectiveness with it.

I've come here today to ask you guys of some materials (mostly online) for meals that I can prepare and eat weekly. I live in a small town and it is really limited, but we do have nutrution and health spots in town. Anyways, I'm thinking about going shopping and I'd just like to know what I should pick up (that is, if they have it) that will help me stop eating this poison that seems to be a large part of my life (dairy, meat, etc).

So to sum this up. Spam me (lol) with some recipes that are fairly easy to follow, that will help me to make some decent soups and salads (that you've tried and tested) that will help me have a better walk in life.

Thanks for your time guys.

Sincerely in health,
Jacob Vivian
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