sundari_dances (sundari_dances) wrote in macrobiotics,

another question

Okay, so I am wondering if anyone out there can help me with this one.
And by the way, thanks all for the great info on my last post as well! This is so great!
My new question -- each time I begin eating only strict macro, I begin to shed hair. This is really upsetting cuz I love love love my long brown hair and seeing how I am a bellydancer, it's an important thing for me to have professionally. I have to confess, the hair shedding is one reason I always quit macrobotics and go back to my usual vegan diet.
Does anyone know why this might happen? Is there anything I can do to stop it or help my poor scalp hold on to its hair? I am only 29 and there is no history of baldness on either side of my family. I'm really baffled, none of my macro books seem to address this issue!
Thanks in advance!
Blessings and brown rice!
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