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Mystery veggies

Tho I am not entirely new to macrobiotics (off and on about 1 1/2 years), I am still very green. So to speak. I find that the hard parts for me are setting aside enough time to prepare all the food -- and forcing myself to eat some of the very new veggies. Does anyone out there have suggestions for eating umeboshi plums? Or burdock or daikon? Umeboshi plums make me feel like I am going to gag. I buy the Eden Foods brand.

I am a ten year vegetarian, mostly vegan. I've found it difficult to walk away from sugar and convience foods, like veggie burgers, and also nightshade veggies. The sugar tho -- whew! Talk about a withdraw. I can barely stand being in my own company when I am going up and down on the sugar rollercoaster!

Also -- I've seen some posts on here about macrobiotics and weight. I would imagine that a balanced macro diet would affect weight in a positive way for sure! As a long time vegetarian, I can tell you I have never had a weight problem. Sure, when I eat junk and loads of hi-calorie sweets, I gain weight. But i've never been biggger than a size six in my whole life!

So -- anyone for umeboshi, daikon or burdock? Help -- I wanna learn how to eat these guys!
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