Kaori Danger (frakkinfabulous) wrote in macrobiotics,
Kaori Danger

a tip!!

If you're a beginner to macrobiotics, run out and get the current issue of Macrobiotics Today (July/August 2006). Included in it is a great article about the macrobiotic kitchen that goes into building a kitchen, a pantry and a great meal plan. Enjoy!
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thanks for the info!
No problem! I'm a newbie myself and I know it's going to help me. Thought others should know.
My favorite macrobiotic teacher and author, Jessica Porter, of the "Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics", will be speaking at Casa de Luz and also giving a cooking class the weekend of October 3rd. If you have the chance, go hear her speak on how vegans can incorporate macrobiotics into their life!