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newbie help!

Hi all! Name's Carolee and I'm new to this whole macrobiotics thing. First,
First off, I'm 22 years old and I haven't even started eating macrobiotically. I'm in the research phase at this point to see if it's right for me and if I can eat this way without starving! Here's my story.

Around the time I turned 20, I started having odd health problems like acid reflux and severe lower back pain. Thanks to some food diary work, I discovered that these problems disappeared when I did not eat meat. So I went vegetarian. Then I discovered that the stomach problems practically disappeared when I cut out dairy. So I did that. It was a lot easier when I was living with my vegetarian boyfriend but he and I split up and I started seeing other people. I eventually started dating another guy, an omnivore but a health nut, and he and I now live together. We moved to San Diego a few months ago and since then, my health has taken a downturn again. I work from 8-4:30 five days a week. We eat out a LOT. Sometimes I cheat and eat meat (1-2x a month) and I do eat more dairy now than I used to.

While the old health problems have (thankfully!!) not started again, my energy level is really wonky. I used to be able to get up with the alarm... now I'm exhausted even if I set my alarm for an hour later. Throughout the day, exhaustion will hit and my back will ache. Usually, if I snack, it'll get better. I get tired around 7 pm now, which is only after 12 hours of being awake. I'm really cranky and depressed. On top of that, I'm incredibly needy. I'm constantly pushing myself on my boyfriend.

I'm really not one to head to the doctors unless there is something significantly wrong with me. Modern medicine has been very unhelpful to me throughout my life. I prefer to use diet, exercise, meditation and herbs to help me. I used to practice yoga with some frequency, but I've cut that out.

Do you feel that eating macrobiotically would help me? I really need to start eating in a way that will even out my mood and energy levels. Ideally, I'd like to couple this with restarting my yoga practice and adding some other exercise (specifically cardio to counteract the weight I've started putting on again), so I'll need a good amount of energy to get me through my day.

On top of that, what do you all do for quick meals on the go? Like I'd said, I'm working full-time, as is my boyfriend. I may start taking yoga classes again. I need good, flavorful food that's portable. I'm nuts for Japanese food and I'm seeing a lot of asian-type dishes when I look at various websites. But, I'd like some personal tried-and-true help. Having a good flavor to it (herbs and spices, specifically savory as I'm not a fan of sweets) is really important. If it's bland, I'm less likely to be enthused about it and less likely to eat it.

Thanks so much!!!
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