THE SPANGLE MAKER (ex_the_ocean332) wrote in macrobiotics,

a few simple questions...

hi. my name is tiffany. i have been vegan for about 6 years, and i am now seriously considering moving into a macrobiotic diet. it doesn't seem that difficult of a transition from veganism. i will have a little struggle giving up most of the breads i usually eat, chocolate (eeek), tomatoes, and a few other things, i'm sure i will benefit much more and those are just a few sacrifices i must make.

anyway, my questions are these:

-as i am a college student and i like to take my lunch to school with me, what do you suggest for portable meals?
-am i to make the bread i plan on eating?
-am i allowed to have hummus? i have a slight obsession with hummus so... maybe i should make my own rather than buying it in containers?
- can i eat vegetable sushi? i know i'm not supposed to have avacado... but what about carrot or cucumber? and what about the white sushi rice? should i avoid that?
- i'm not familiar with eating sea vegetables... what are some and how do i cook or incorporate them into my meals?
- any other suggestions that might help?

ok, that seems like a lot. thanks so much if you've read and thanks for your help. i only know these two communities, so hopefully by asking, i will be able to start my metamorphasis into a macrobiotic lifestyle...

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